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Salted Kampot Pepper


The peppercorns are soft, so do not need grinding.  Serve Zen's Salted Peppercorns with smoked salmon, or pair with creamy goat cheese or melted brie. The ultimate garnish for steak lovers, this soft peppercorn bursts with flavor!

Our Kampot peppercorns are sourced from La Plantation, a WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade Enterprise.  A product unique to La Plantation, fresh green peppercorn berries are perfectly preserved in fleur de sel (sea salt) to provide a unique flavor.  

2 ounce content weight.

These peppercorns have a hot and salty flavor that pops when the crisp peppercorns are eaten.

Best with these foods - Steak, Cesar Salad, smoked salmon, or paired with creamy goat cheese or melted brie.