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Thai Roasted Chili


Hot & Smoky

Thai Roasted Chili is wok-fire roasted in a bit of oil, then crushed and ground to create this smoky Thai spice. Similar to standard Thai Ground Chili (but larger in grind and slightly moist due to the oil used during roasting), Zen's Thai Roasted Chili brings a smoky and robust flavor to any dish as a result of the fire roasting process.

Visit any Thai noodle shop and one of the condiments on your table always includes ground chili pepper. This version takes it to a different level. Ground roasted and dried chili pepper is a very versatile part of Thai cooking and in addition to noodles, you will see it in many salad dishes, like larb.

This chili is grown, harvested, and roasted by our friends at Sombat Farms in Thonburi, Thailand. 2 ounce content weight.

NOTE: This chili should be sprinkled on food from the package, as standard crushed red shakers will not sufficiently handle larger grind of flakes.

Best with these foods - Thai dishes of virtually any kind.